ePMP 425 and 400c link

Is it possible to make make the epmp 400c as slave and epmp 425 as master?

I currently have a working link of epmp 425 at a distance of 4km. Im not moving to a different place that is 10km away. I got a new pair of epmp 400c with algcom 30dbi dish. I was thinking if its possible to have epmp 425 as master and epmp 400c as slave. I wanna prioritize rx over tx, download > upload.

Will this work?

You’ll probably want to use LinkPlanner to tell you what you can expect.

Yes, a 400 and a 425 will link fine… but you’re really going to want to get the signals and the SNRs good enough to maintain DS11 modulations. That’s the key to top performance - DS11 modulation 100% of the time, and you’ll want as much antenna gain, with perfect aiming, as you can to achieve that.

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