ePMP 4500 in the field

Hi all, my local distributor has ePMP 4500 in stock and I am very interested in some feed back from anyone who has deployed these. Is the software still in need of work? I would like to deploy and utilize frequency reuse. How many subscribers do you have on a sector? Thanks!


We have just released stable 5.4.1 There is a fix allowing more then 25 SMs in WLR mode.

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4500 works great! That being said, the firmware doesn’t support sync or frequency reuse yet. There are operators reporting 20+ subs on an AP all with 100/20 tiers of service using a 40MHz channel width. I’d take a look at this recent ePMP webinar to get more information on what the platform is capable of and a roadmap for features.



Thank you for your reply… I see, well that is definitely good to hear performance is working well… unfortunate that sync and freq reuse were not ready when it launched. Was hoping to utilize this product this year but as in all releases I am sure the sync and freq resuse will be a long time coming. Thanks again!

Sync, and TDD modes will be coming soon. We’re currently testing TDD support in the 5.6 beta train.

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Well, this is the way most new generations are released. Just PTP mode first, and then a greenfield mode next, then GPS mode next, and then compatibility with previous generations (forward & backwards).

I know we all want it all at once, but because this road plan strategy, we all have been able to enjoying F400 PTP backhauls for a year, while PtMP and GPS is worked on and refined. :+1:

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Yes, agreed. I’m just saying that at least on the 3000/300 roadmap, that’s what they did. The Force 300 initially came out as PTP only mode, and we all got to start using them for backhauls, then they had 3000 AP with F300 SM’s as ‘AC only greenfield’ deployment, then they had AC-N TDD PtMP and Backward/Forwards compatibility. (I know, I realize some folks have continuing GPS issues) but I’m just saying that the roadmap to get them out as PTP devices first, was followed by AC only mode, followed by AC-N TDD PtMP compatibility modes.

For me, I’m OK with that, as long as it’s clear when people purchase, and as long as it does actually all come.

BUT, I do hear you. I was not pleased when they dropped the ‘every SM can also be a non-GPS micro AP also’ mode. That was a ‘front and center’ advertised featured of the ePMP line, and I also really did feel betrayed by that (and I let them know loudly and often). And for us, we do lots of little ‘farm networks’ where they client wants to get high speed, but also wants to connect a wan out to the barn and the shed and the garage and the Quonset…and I want to pop a 300-13 or whatever is suitable and do a little lower power low gain wan that we can help manage for them, to connect to 3 or 5 stations. When they suddenly decided everyone needed to buy a full AP, that was a 180 degree about face. In my mind, if they don’t see me as your ‘partner’ then they see me as their ‘prey’.

Anyway, they did make good and added that into the AC lineup, and that makes me feel much more like we are partners with a common goal now. And I trust that Cambium will follow the same AX-AX PTP, AX only Greenfield, and then TDD GPS and Compatibility roadmap.