ePMP 4525 / 4500 DFS and 5850-5895MHz Support in Canada?


We’ve been trialing the 4500L + 4525 on a few sites with minimal 5GHz equipment, and would like to overlay it on some of our more 5GHz-heavy sites, but we cannot do that until DFS support is added or until GPS sync and backwards compatibility is added. DFS would also be very useful for shorter PTP links where we don’t quite need something as heavy-duty as the F425, especially given its performance at lower signal levels.

Is there an estimate for when we could see DFS support added for the IC (Canada) country code?

Also, is there any updates about adding support for the 5850-5895 MHz band on ePMP 4500 and possibly older ePMP 3000/300 series stuff as well now that it has been approved for use in Canada for outdoor use?

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We are working through the final DFS tests for the 4525. Then we have to submit to FCC. Unfortunately, with the year end we don’t believe this will happen in 2023. Q1 2024 would be a good bet. GPS sync is going to go to beta shortly and then an official release potentially as late as December 30th. As far as the new spectrum, it will cost money to certify the products for that chunk of spectrum. We are a little hesitant to go spend that money as we have not seen massive adoption of 5Ghz in Canada due to range limitations etc. Our focus is to get finish up 6GHz and release that for Canada as ISED has already green lighted the AFC system we plan to use. We will come back and revisit the 50MHz.


DFS is less of an issue for me, but TDD with GPS sync and the lower 6ghz band are important.
It would be nice to be able to use the 5850 to 5895 portion with the epmp3000.


+1 for the added spectrum ASAP! We can make use of it today!