ePMP 4600 Field Results

Jose Camarillo says, ”under 2 miles you can get close to or over 1gig.“ on WISP Talk.

Be prepared to roll out 6 GHz when the FCC gives the green light. Get your free 6 GHz playbook and plan to see us at WISPAPALOOZA.


Testing some spots right now. 4.63mi with a 78/64 DL/UL RSSI. In 160MHz with proper power, we were seeing real world speeds of 150-160/30-40mbps. Wireless link was showing 550/120. Still doing more testing. Clear LOS thanks to nothing but sagebrush in Nevada

Cool! What firmware are you running?

So a few things to try… you might want to drop it down to 80MHz, you should see a 3dB gain in RSSI. Second, past 3mi, you might want to try the F4600c w/27dBi ultradish. We’ve done some tests and the F4625’s are really only good out to around 3…4mi max… you can get out to 5mi, but you’ll need to reduce channel width further.


Running 5.4.2

AP is a 4600 with the 90° sector. We, just like most everyone else, are in 5GHz heavy areas and are looking to open into 6GHz.

Hi @Kyle_Eisenhour1,
Eric is right! It is better to try narrower band first. Your RSSIs are not the best. Is it expected level according to Link Planner?
Also your actual test and wireless link test difference is too big. How do you do your test?
You can PM a techsupport file and I will try figure out what can be wrong.

Don’t believe I have the ability to send a PM on this account as it is new. But I do have the LinkPlanner file (ran as ePMP3000 as the 4600 series isn’t in there) and support file.

Hello @Kyle_Eisenhour1,

you can send it to my mail andrii.khmelnytskyi@cambiumnetworks.com

Also in the right top of this page “Raise Ticket”. It is free of charge. Our engineer will assist you to isolate the issue. It is the most right way to get a solution for your critical issues asap. Community is more about informal communication with other Cambium users and Cambium personal.


Hi any updates, how is epmp 4600 in PTMP doing? whats speeds are you achieving at what distances?

Hi same quations any updates, how is epmp 4600 in PTMP doing? whats speeds are you achieving at what distances?

Our furthest customer (actual employee though) is 6.5mi with a 21db SNR and is able to pull 100/20 most of the time. We set a floor standard for installs based at 23db SNR to ensure we can hit the 100/20 that we advertise. We only have one AP in 160MHz and the customers with stellar connections are able to 7-800 down and about 1-150 up.

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We’re experiencing similar results as @Kyle_Eisenhour1. We’re trying to keep our installs at less then 5mi though because of concerns that the AFC my reduce EIRP for some links due to 6GHz licensed incumbent users in the area. You gotta remember max EIRP on the AP and SM side is 36dBm, and that can actually be turned down much lower if the AFC demands it.

ok using 80mhz or 160mhz? how many customers in reality AP suports as it says 120 suscribers but I doubt it as normally with 30 customers at 40mhz epmp 3000L I see latency increases and customers complain.

how many customers do you have at your AP?

As mentioned in @Kyle_Eisenhour1’s post he’s using 160MHz as am I. We’re able to see speeds up to around 400mbps at 5mi if we use an F400c connected to an RFE 27dBi ultradish… but for the F4625, your speeds drop off significantly beyond 3mi.

Due to the fact that you need an experimental license to use 6GHz, and that you can’t charge money for these connections, there aren’t many operators that have loaded up AP’s for obvious reasons. The most we have on an AP is 6 SM’s due to these restrictions. As with all radio manufacturers, the maximum allowed subscribers is technically how many can connect, but not actually how many you’d want to connect to them for best performance.

ok Tks, I thought 6ghz was free now in Canada

Maybe… but this thread was started for the 6GHz FCC/USA product. Both @Kyle_Eisenhour1 and I are both in the USA.

If you’re interested in performance and use in Canada, maybe try starting a new thread?

LOL nope. Anyway I may give those a trial at 3.8miles