ePMP 4600 - Newest firmware?

I received a shipment earlier this week of a 4600 AP and a handful of SM’s to trial. Is the shipped version of the software (5.4) the freshest build, or is there anything newer that I should install for testing?


Hi Jacob,

5.4 is the latest official firmware.
And almost every day we do have new RCs internally.
If you would prefer playing safe then you are good to go with testing using 5.4.
But we can supply you with the latest RCs once they are evaluated as safe internally as well.

Thank you.

Hi @Fedor

Thanks for your reply. Please feel free to PM or email me if there is an RC that has any new features you would like tested out when you have one you are comfortable sharing.


I want a ePMP 4600 too :smiley: what i need to do?