Epmp 4625 spectrum analyzer wrong

hi i have buyed a ptp link for testing research new 4625 but the spectrum analyzer is setted on 5ghz range this is a bug or for 6 ghz the spectrum is blind?


What firmware do you have running on it?


If you’re based in the United States you need a special FCC grant to operate 6Ghz in an outdoor environment. The radios on normal firmware do not have 6Ghz frequencies for selection. I had to wait for FCC approval for my work/job before getting the FCC firmware, cambium will ask you for the pdf authorization before sending you the firmware.

Check your local country/county codes and see if you need authorization first. Otherwise the radios will just have 5.7/5.8Ghz frequency options.


A screenshot of SA page with visible FW version is highly appreciated!

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i use 5.4.2 firmware and the spectrum is setted on 5ghz band spectrum… like a bug firmware…

Hi @ik8jsv , can you please share the tech-support file so that we could try to reproduce with the particular settings?

yes u can control it, if u want i can send a screen of Spectrum Analizer thx
ePMP-Tech-Support-Cambium-AX-BC_E6_7C_91_0F_C1.zip (1.5 MB)

Hello @ik8jsv,

in techsupport file Spectrum Analyzer is not running. When you start it, it will show correct range over the scale. But, yes, it looks confusing for the first time. We will fix it in the next release.