ePMP 5Ghz Sectors - 2x2 vs 4x4 Sector

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We will have the 3000L announcement very soon!

OK, awesome. Can Cambium provide some clarity on the 2x2 and the 4x4 Sector antennas?  If we are deploying ePMP1000 or ePMP2000 AP's or ePMP3000L AP's (which are all 2x2) is there a way to use the new 4x4 sector with those, so that if/when these sites are upgraded to full ePMP3000's, it's just a radio swap and not an antenna swap?

Or is that not possible - is there no way to just use 2 connectors on the 4x4 antenna, or to multiplex the H's and V's together?  I thought I had read a thread where the 90 degree 4x4 antenna was essentially two 45 degree sectors side-by-side, but then I've read other threads which say it's basically two stacked 90 degree antennas, so that using one set of H and V (connector 1 and 2) should be fine in a 2x2 configuration.  Can Cambium make a recommendation please?  Thanks.

Good question, Ninedd. You can use the 4x4 MU-MIMO antenna with a 2x2 ePMP device. I believe the first two ports are the first pair of V/H and the third and fourth ports are the second pair of V/H so just connect your ePMP1k/2k to either pair. The ePMP3k is manipulating phase and amplitude output to the array of radiating elements for beamforming. Each pair individually will operate as a typical 90 degree pattern. They're not stacked 45 degree antennas. If they were the beamforming capability would be very limited on the ePMP3k. 

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OK, cool - perfect thanks!  So, going forward, we really would be best to only buy 4x4 sector antenna then, even if we're going to use them with 2x2 AP's for now.  If that's the case, that makes me pleased - it's SO much easier on a small WISP to have only one SKU# to buy.


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