ePMP 6Ghz Licensed band

Does anyone know if these products are been sold now .If so whats the channels and available channel bandwidths 

Hi Lamin and welcome.  We do resell licensed PTP products (6GHz+).  That would be our PTP820 product.  More information is available in the licensed microwave forum and KB.



In general, the common licensed frequencies in NA are 6GHz, 11GHz, and 18GHz.  6GHz is split into two frequency bands: lower 6GHz and upper 6GHz.  The frequency bands have different channel size allotments and free air propagation.  In general, 18GHz goes up to 80Mhz wide channels and is good for short distances.  11GHz goes up to 80MHz wide channels and is good for short to medium distances.  6GHz goes up to 60MHz wide channels (lower 6GHz) and 30MHz wide channels (upper 6GHz) and is good for short to long distances.

I would recommend using our free design tool, LINKPlanner to help determine which frequency and product is going to work best for your requirements.  https://support.cambiumnetworks.com/files/linkplanner/


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You're not going to see ePMP certified for us in the USA/FCC market for 4.9/6GHz or any other typically licensed bands as this would cannibalize Cambium's higher end product offerings for those special bands. You might have better luck outside of the USA. Let us know what country you're in and what you're trying to do. It would also help to know what other manufacturers products are being used in that band.

@Lamin wrote:

Does anyone know if these products are been sold now
If so whats the channels and available channel bandwidths 

I think what Lamin is probably asking about was the reference to "ePMP in 6Ghz Range" that was in the September "ePMP Solutions" video on the Cambium YouTube channel. Cambium said they "recently introduced" the 6Ghz product, with support for 5950-6425 Mhz.


Wow, that's news to me... but yes... looks like there's a completely seperate radio tuned for this band being released... although it sounds like it won't be available in certain regions (I'm assuming NOT available in USA/FCC region). I've done a quick look around at a couple distributors and cannot find anything on this part. My suggestion would be to reach out to your Cambium Regional Sales Manager (RSM) to get more information on if this product is available for your region and price and availability.

Exactly , thank you ninedd 

Chris maybe you can help here since you are a Cambium employee .....

thank you Eric will do ...

A little late to the conversation, I know, but after just reading that the FCC is expected to open up 6GHz spectrum for unlicensed use I found this thread.  Seems that the plan is to have two subbands (5.925-6.425 and 6.525-6.875, U-NII-5 and U-NII-7) opened for unlicensed outdoor use, with non-interference restrictions similar to 5.2/5.4 plus CBRS, and also two subbands (6.425-6.525 and 6.875-7.125, U-NII-6 and U-NII-8) for indoor use only.  https://docs.fcc.gov/public/attachments/DOC-354364A1.pdf  I haven't seen anything yet regarding transmit power or EIRP limits...

So if this plan goes forward, I guess the questions are, how high can the radio hardware in various 5GHz Cambium gear operate, and will Cambium open up that operation once it's permitted, or will it be only new products that can take advantage... I would definitely do a happy dance if the PTP670 were eventually able to take advantage of that extra spectrum, or the ePMPs.


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DIgging further, it seems the plan would be to allow transmit in U-NII-5 at same levels as U-NII-1 (5.150-5.250) and U-NII-7 same as U-NII-3. (5.725-5.850)


Would like to know Cambiums plans on this as we are currently looking at solutions for Micropops that do not include bands used by home WiFi. Have some ignitenet 60Ghz stuff I'm getting ready to start playing with but thinking 6Ghz outdoor only gear could be amazing.