ePMP a look forward webinar

When will  "ePMP a look forward" webinar be posted. I've missed the beginning of it 


yeah, I want to see this as well... I had to work super late last night and missed the 7am PST show.

I also missed webinar :( Who can post it ?

Im in the same boat!

Yes same here please post it !

Same here. Please post the replay.  Never got those typical webinars email reminders on the day of the webinar.

Me neither !
Still no video ?

Please, a lot of us want to see the webinar

Still waiting..... I was gone for almost a week and not posted yet

Also waiting for the webinar...

Nobody of Cambium read this post??

Hi - we are getting the recording and will post it as soon as we can.


Thanks Ray 

we will be posting the slides today.

Ray where is the webinar? 

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Ray do you need a fastest internet connection to upload slides?

I have a couple of Powerbeam for your house if you need  :)

(now he ban me)

OUCH! and deservedly so. I am working to get the slides up today.


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Please find the slides attached. Let me know if you have any questions!




Thanks Dmitry

Thanks for the slides Dimitry, but what about the webinar? like to listen to it again, missed the first part  :(