ePMP Account Management Custom Users -- Request

As our network is growing and we are installing more and more cambium devices we are also growing the number of our NOC staff. Some of the staff are experienced and some are junior but this is quite normal.
We start to realise that logging when and what each of the staff is doing into the cambium devices becomes very important but currently this is not possible. We need to have under control what our staff are doing.

So the request is to be able to create multiple custom users under Account Management and also to be able to log when a user logged in and what modifications did. What about adding this in the near future?


Thank you for your request.
We don’t have plans to change user account police on ePMP equipment.

ePMP supports UI users authentication through RADIUS server, where you can create custom users and ePMP supports logging when user has been logged in/logged out, you just need to keep Syslog Server deployed to collect logs.

Thank you.