ePMP aligment Iphone or android aligment app

Hello, there a way to align antenna using the phone, please considering it for future firmwares.alig.PNG

This ties into my request for a realtime alignment tool. Though separate ideas and requests, they would be ideal together. Since we use Android phones and tablets, Im voting for an Android App.

Would be good for all the PTP/PMP links and have an APP for both Apple and Android.  That would make it less clunky than it is at the moment.  Alignment for these things without a visible tool or a tone at either end makes a 30 minute job turn into a whole days job. 

cnArcher is in development for ePMP and is expected to be released in Q2, 2019.

Any futher movement on this?

@Junior2605@Adam Kember @Douglas Generous and @jperez, cnArcher Android supports PMP and ePMP SM installations and includes a simplified alignment page. 

cnArcher iOS supports PMP SM installations at the moment and will support ePMP by the end of Q1 next year.  


Keep an eye out for cnArcher Android's upcoming 1.3 release in October.  When combined with cnMaestro, your installers will be able to see the nearest APs and instructed which direction to aim prior to running their AP evaluation.

cnArcher iOS will be introducing the installation summary and work order features in a few days as well.