ePMP and 600SSH

Hi All

I am using the 600SSH surge arrestor with an ePMP integrated. The unit powers up, but it does not get data through. I cannot even ping on the ethernet. I have tried multiple surge arrestors, all new, it does not solve the problem. Remove the surge arrestor and everything is fine, so the radio itself surely is fine. We've also tried changing cables as well. 

Any ideas on what the problem may be?


When you swap out the cables, being there would be 2 RJ45 ends, do you connect the two ends together or are  you testing  the one cable to the radio to get it to work?  Is  the 600SSH grounded for your testing?  The first thoughts come to mind being you swapped out both the surge protectors and all the cables is  if you at least see link on the end device or somewhere in the testing the Tx and Rx pairs are getting reversed.  Another thought is if it is grounded, possibly the ground is bad and introducing noise.  

If you are using the 600ssh and you can't ping your device, open suppresor box and move the pin from 'isolated' postion and move to 'ground' position. Also keep in mind if the installation requires 1 Gbps then you need to swap out suppressor and use AL-CAT6HPJW.

Check 600SSH mode:

1. Isolation: for testing device in lab room

2. Ground: for installating device in site (Need to grouding 600SSH by wire also)

 If  you\'re   using the  600ssh  IN ADDITION TO  anyone   are unable to  ping  your current  device, open suppresor  field   ALONG WITH  move  your current  pin  via  'isolated' postion  AS WELL AS  move  to be able to  'ground' position.  in addition   don\'t forget   if   your own  installation requires 1 Gbps  and then   you\'ll want to  swap out suppressor  IN ADDITION TO   EMPLOY  AL-CAT6HPJW.      


Hi All

Thanks for the advice. We have actually been contacted directly by Bruce, so he is assisting on this problem. We will see what the outcome is.