ePMP and Daylight Savings Time

Am I missing something or do ePMP radios have to be set to either standard or daylight savings time? Shouldn't they switch automatically with the time changes? Or at least have an option to set the dates when they change - like the last Saturday in March and the first Saturday in November.

Maybe it's just a California thing but it seems odd that they would be designed to be wrong 1/2 of the time.

The underlying system fully understands DST.  Unfortunately the GUI only understands a limited set of timezone settings.  You CAN, however, set others, either via SNMP or editing JSON config file. (probably via cnMaestro as well, haven't checked)  For instance, all of our radios are updated and preconfigured with our network-wide default settings before leaving the office, including setting timezone to "EST5EDT".   I don't know if it supports "/US/Pacific" but it should allow you to set "PST8PDT", just not in the webUI.  Once you've done that, the webUI will either show blank, or show GMT, in the timezone drop-down, depending on firmware version.



Thanks, I will give this a try