EPMP and sector antenna downtilt

Hello, I am currently a user of UBNT hardware...I have been trying out a 5ghz EPMP and sector antenna for a while now (when I have time). I can get a good signal very close in (0-2 miles), but at 4-6 miles out, I cannot pick up the AP at all, even with Force 110 units. I have the range set to 7 miles.

Is there a built-in downtilt to the Cambium sectors? I have it tilted up just slightly. Could that be my problem?

From everything I've read, I do not see anything that indicates that the ePMP sector antennas have any electrical down tilt. I would have one person on the tower slowly adjusting the up/down tilt and have another person out in the field in your target area with an SM looking for signal. Also, make sure your ATPC on the AP is set to something like -65dB.

they don't have any eletrical tilt, they have a 8 degree vertical beam, so if you down tilt them 4 degrees, the upper edge of that wildow will be shot to horizon. assuming the antenna is higher than any hills or end points out there.   if your target is 7 miles out, and 300' lower in elivation to the panel, you should get a lock with a force110 around 70 db assuming its clear LOS.  make sure your aps TX power is turned up. the default power is 7 db and you won't get a lock. 

if you have the antenna tilted up 4 degrees, your loosing all of your sweet spot to open air.