Epmp AP 1000 not able to login.

Anyone have this issue where you cant login into the unit web gui? Seems to have appeard to happen after firmware 2.5.1 upgrade. It only appears to happen with its loaded up with CPE. This particular one has aprox 60-70 CPE connectrd to it.

If there is no one connected its fine if there is 30-40 its fine but as more CPE get on and traffic flow is higher I am unable to log into it. I can get the username and password screen and enter my inof andtry but it just sits there VERY VER VERY rare I am able to get it to login in and when I do its like a windows PC and the CPU is being used up by lots of processes VERY VERY VERY slow to respond.

Other AP's on this SAME router and network are fine but then again they only have about 15-20 CPE connected.

I upgraded to 2.5.2 and it took allnight to upload and hugn at the reboot process. I was able to login to the AP this morning while traffic was slower and it said the firmware was succesful and a reboot was require so I did so manually. Its back up so we will see if this does anything. I did not see anything in the release notes about this issue specifually. Supports respones was log in locally and try if not reboo t and try if not then firmware upgrade if still having issues call us back.

Really not much help since I have tried all but upgrading FINALLY.

Is there a way to check CPU usaage or SNMP to do so? I think its CPU overload and cant handle this amount of traffic?


I haven't seen an issue logging into the web GUI, but you can check the CPU usage using the sysCPUUsage attribute in SNMP:

  SYNTAX    Counter32
  MAX-ACCESS read-only
  STATUS    current
    "CPU Usage, measuring up to 0.1%
    Range: 0..1000
    Device Allocation: AP, SM"
  ::= { cambiumPerformanceMonitoring 64 }



I have noticed in 2.5.2 that there are times when the WPA2 security password has replaced the admin login password without warning.

Alex is there a way to try this via CLI vis ssh? or a way do to it with CNS tool?


There is. When you're at the CLI via SSH, enter:

snmp get -v 2c -c public .

Make sure to replace the in the above string with the IP address of the SM you are connected to.