ePMP AP w/Ubnt Client - Standard WiFi Mode

We just swapped a Ubnt Rocket for an ePMP with the same frequency, SSID and AES PSK. The problem is the Ubnt client only stay connected for about 10 seconds and then reconnect. We have one ePMP SM that is in standard WiFi mode and it connects to the AP just fine.

How do we get the SMs to stay connected?

We are using 2.6.1 and 2.6.2-RC1 and the results are the same.

Hi BizWisp,

Please check whether WDS is enabled on Ubnt SMs.

What disconnect reason is written to Syslog on AP and SMs?

Thank you.

I figured it out. WLAN was enabled. We had an ePMP connected to the AP in WiFi mode as well and it was fine at a distance and stayed connected which made this hard to debug. So the mode allows ePMP to connect at long range but regular wifi clients only at less than 1000 meters.