ePMP AP's just spin and never fully load

Trying to manage/update software, and several of our sectors are just "spinning":


Connectivity to these AP's is fine (as reported from the AP it's self)..  could this be an issue with cnMaestro at the moment?  Tried multiple browsers, etc.

please send me details via private message

Invite sent.

I got the invite and its not an issue.

The device are part of a job which is not yet started so thats why they show with loading/spin ICON.

We do not allow to add same device in multiple jobs if they are already part of a job which is ongoing or not yet started.

If you go to your Software Job History you click on next for pagination and will found few jobs which are not yet started.

Also when you mouse over the spinning ICON it give you info with JOB no and status...

Hope this helps.



I encounter the similar issue but in Radio.

That one because I login in both cnMaestro and AP.

Once I logout from AP, the problem fixed