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I didn't get the link to join Ray.  Just realized.


Hi - you can just type in any question you have right here.

Ok.  So no webinar.

Are there any plans to move  the ePMP platform to 3GHz?

We have had problems with the ePMP SM signals in the 2.4 band with LOS. I understand interference is going to be higher in this band than the 5GHz, however, with signals at -60, we have had modulation fluctuate almost constantly from MCS6 to MCS15. My question is, with a good SNR and signal, why the modulation will not stay constant? Something we are doing wrong?

Can I view the questions and comments of others?

Sorry, but we have no plans to move ePMP to 3GHz



All questions and responses are in the thread and can be viewed at any time by all visitors.

One of the main gripes I hear about ePMP is the screen load time on certain laptops.  Have you made any progress on that issue?

Couple of things -

a. Could you do a spectrum analysis and capture the interference leve that your SA reports. Once you have that, take a look at our RSSI for DL & UL. Depending on which MCS is going up and down, see what your actual CINR is but looking at the difference between your RSSI and interference reported by SA. This is actual C/I as opposed to SNR.

For MCS15, you need 30dB of C/I to operate.


You will see progress very shortly in our 2.4.3 release in about 6 to 8 weeks. We will be making the beta release available as well.

What is on the hardware and software roadmap for ePMP?

I think what we should do is hold a public webinar and talk through our roadmap. There are many exciting things coming your way aross HW & SW solutions. Everything from, new subscriber modules, new exciting APs with additional differentiated technology for interference, 2.5ms frame for lower latency, FSK co-location.


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Good morning,

So I've setup 3 backhaul links utilizing the Force 110's and have been very happy with the results.

I'm pushing between 60-80mb true throughput testing through connected devices.

They seem to be pretty particular getting them connected, but once connected they seem to be very solid.

Narrower beam maybe then I'm used to with UBNT products? 

Can you look at a couple config screens and see if you anything that stands out?

Like I said the throughput is great, just wondering if there is any more tweaking I can do.



Hi Ryo, 

The first link is a little bit lower on the RSSI side. Have you tried using eAlign (Tools->eAlign) on the SM/Slave side to see if you have the best alignment possible?

The second link appears to be well aligned. Not much to tweak here. 

I would recommend running a specturm analysis on all links on both sides to make sure you are using absolutely the cleanest channel possible in that environment. 



No I haven't, I haven't upgraded to firmware 2.4 yet I'm still on 2.3. 

I guess there was a new version that came out this week so I may try to upgrade to that later this week.

That is a nice new feature indeed, thanks for the feedback...

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Hi Ryo, 

Yes, please skip 2.4 and go straight to 2.4.1. It has some bug fixes for issues in 2.4 that was causing heartburn with users. If you haven't used eAlign yet, that is absolutely the first thing you should do with your links.