ePMP Basic Troubleshooting before RMA

ePMP Basic Information and Troubleshooting



  • Verify PoE  and\or power brick are functional

  • Verify cables are functional – if possible, plug into a known working radio

  • Verify LEDs are functioning – note any LEDs that might indicate a problem



  • Verify appropriate LED is working (check enet, gps, power,etc)

  • Can you Ping the default and\or local IPs ( and

  • Attempt direct connection to GUI interface of radio (bypassing any possible switch\router issues)


RF Conditions

  • Check configuration settings such as: Tx power, antenna connectivity, antenna gain, connectivity, GPS\Sync settings and devices

  • Target Receive Power should be the same on all APs in the same geographic area

  • Check Spectrum Analysis (and be sure the radio has been put back into regular operational mode following SA)

  • Check appropriate statistics on Monitor\Performance – note any dropped\error packets

  • Check SysLog if available

If problem persists, then proceed to “Open Support Request”  http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/support/open-a-support-case