ePMP Circuit Board Schematics?

We just had a CPE fail we believe due to an indirect lightning strike. It damaged the ethernet port on the radio and on the router. The POE injector is fine and the radio is still getting POE, just no ethernet link. We've already replaced the radio and moved it to another port on the router and the client was happily back up and running the same day. My question is: is there any chance of getting a schematic of the radio for repair purposes? I realize that these are inexpensive $100 ePMP 1K non-sync CPE's but I'd like to give it the old college try.



I wouldn't pin my hopes on that...  Anyway, losing one radio isn't a bad rate - we've lost at least 80 ePMP SMs the past month (mostly Force180), and 8+ ePMP1000 APs and one ePMP2000 AP.  Which is actually not a bad summer month for us.  (we're an extremely lightning-prone area)  Though to be honest we've not been happy with the durability of the ePMP radios - we have one tower that's been hit at least three times this year, the ePMP radios are mostly toast each time while the PMP320 and ancient PMP100 gear survives.  Last week we lost a CMM4 and 4 ePMP radios powered by it, plus the ePMP2000 fed through the hardened switch - but the 4 PMP320 APs on that same CMM4 all survived, as did the CMMmicro (and its load of PMP100) mounted beside the CMM4 and the router.