ePMP config file

Is there a way to change admin password from “admin” importing a text config file?

I would also like to see this. In addition, I have noticed that if I leave the SM in DHCP and save my config, then import the config and change the SM to a static IP, it stays in DHCP.

Vincenzo / Matt,

Due to security reason this is not allowed on a import of a text config file. However, if you backup a binary file from the radio it will contain all the passwords. Importing a binary file into the same or different radio will contain the passwords.

Is it possible to generate a binary config including the password? 

I have a system that generates dynamic text config for now but I was wondering if I could convert my text config to a binary that includes the passwords.

The other alternative I see would be to continue extracting json config without passwords but allowing us to include a parameter in a json config to import it.

Thank you!