Epmp continues to scan

I replaced the malfunctioning AP with the spare I had and established a link with the SM. I still find intermittent communication issues at the remote location which is remedied by resetting my AP300 tp-link which is set up in bridge mode. I’ll replace this with another bridge over the next week (If anyone has any suggestions, I’d appreciate it.) I took the malfunctioning AP out and did a hard reset to factory. I could then ping it from my laptop and browser, the GUI loads but there is no “user/password” boxes so perhaps I will need to return this.

One more thing as I try to ferret out why I keep losing connection. I noticed my SM “ethernet status” reports “down.” But while it’s “down” I still have connection through the remote bridge (which has the ethernet cable from the SM plugged into it. I’ve uploaded both AP and SM logs, are these meaningful in diagnosing this issue?)

Hello Jean Michel,

the remote SM can show the ethernet port down when there is nothing connected to its LAN port. This is not an issue at all. If the AP still has issue with username/password interface, send it back to the factory then. To replace the TP link, if you absolutely need routers for home/small office use, use Cambium Networks cnPilot R195W/190W series. If you need higher processing routers, check from other vendors like Mikrotik, Cisco depending on your needs.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

Try clearing your browser cache. I’ve seen a similar behavior with not displaying the login box due to cached info.

Installed my new modem and set up in Access point mode and now everything is working great. As a side note, I noticed that when I disconnected ethernet from the old access point I was still receiving signal. Turns out that the old access point had somehow defaulted to wireless repeater and was picking up a weak signal from the donor modem 500 ft away and not from the radios! Tip off was the SM radio ethernet port was “off”. I’m sure a more qualified person would have identified this earlier as I’m just really stumbling through this. Anyway, I’m very grateful for your assistance with this and truly impressed! I will be recommending your products to be sure.