ePMP Dual Badnd AP and CPE

The most interesting feature is surely more bandwidth delivered to the customers, so my think is why don't mix 2.4 Ghz and 5 Ghz ePMP 2000 into a single dual band radio to (or even 3 bands) deliver more throughput? Obviously the things should be done on AP and on SM too. 

I don’t see any advantage in a multi-band radio for WISP deployments. Here are my points: * Usually, allocating available bandwith in a single band is hard enough; I don’t want even think about managing several bands at once. * Syncing antenna lobes would be another source of trouble. * Syncing RF streams with different att/difraction patterns should probe to be a nigthmare. * You can get the same features just installing two radios, cannot see how integrating two of them -being force to operate them as different devices- should be of any advantage -supposing here that it would be impossible use this two bands aggregated because the prior points-. Regards!