ePMP elevate 2 GHz beta program?

How do I sign up for this?  

Read the pin posts just above yours.

I'm lost....Where  are the "pin" posts?

Hi Ryan,

Check out Sri 's post.



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Once you get the beta firmware installed, it will work exactly like the 5ghz elevate - there's nothing special you need to do once you have access to beta firmware.

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Bummer.  When I go to the page in Sri's link, I get a message saying that Cambium currently has not beta prgrams availble.   Does anyone have a direct email contact that handles beta programs?

It’s not in beta anymore. Verison 3.4 is official release.
Have a look at the release notes.


The only Beta firmware went live yesterday in 3.4. This supports Elevate in 2.4. You can upgrade radios to the latest firmware and purchase elevate licenses to start using.