Epmp elevate mikrotik LHG with Device Elevator v40.45

Hi everyone,

I have a problem with LHG elevating....

During the elevation phase, everything seems to work correctly until it arrives as at the passage in the attached photo, the lhg remains hooked on ap mikrotik a little more, however the pppoe does not running and therefore not reaching it no longer ends the process. Could anyone help me?

I have forwarded this to our support team


The LHG address must be locally reacheable, NOT via PPPoE, after first reboot the device disable all PPP interfaces and works only with IP address. So, properly configure a /24 ip addess in LHG to be reacheable from your PC according to your network topology...
If you are operating locally, put a switch between PC and LHG. PC eth link must be always UP, if LHG it's directly connected to PC, at first reboot LAN port flaps and Device Elevator reports error and interrupt elevating process.

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