ePMP Elevate to restore ubnt fimware

HI Guys,  How to restore ubiquiti's firmware back?

Can Someone help me.


Just go to Tools > Software Upgrade in the Elevated radios GUI and upload the Ubiquiti firmware file. After it finishes the flashing process, it will come back up just like it was before being elevated.


Thank you Very Much.

After Elevating a Nanostation M2, I wanted to return it back to the UBNT firmware to test out the elevator software for device migration.

Upon, simply loading the UBNT firmware into the Elevate UI under the software upgrade window (as you would normally upgrade the firmware on a Cambium device), I have lost access to the device. Neither discovery tool will find it, and I cannot ping the IP at all. 

I attempted to use the factory reset button on the nanostation, and still no luck. Suggestions? Thoughts?

Follow ubnts directions on a tftp firmware recovery. We’ve recovered a lot of ubnt radios that way that just up and forgot its firmware in the field before we got rid of ubnt gear. (This was before elivste was an option)

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Yeah... try the tftp recovery.

It sounds like something went wrong flashing it... I've had that happen with quite a few ubnt radios recently (not just going between Elevate and ubnt firmware, but more so just updating the ubnt firmware to newer versions).

Nanostations can take up to 8 mins  before you can login after upgrade and you need to login with 169 address. Powerbeams take a couple of mins,

Dear folks,

Please I have this Loco M5 already elevated to the cambium GUI, How can I log into the radio and what IP should I use?

Please I'm trying to log revert it to ubiquity GUI and how can I go about that?


Please search for "airMAX - How to Reset Your Device with TFTP Firmware Recovery" article.



Ver 4.5

I try to downgrade from this back to UBNT software since the aux port doesnt seem to move any data on an old xm nsm5..

I get an error that i can because the radio cant read the firmware version of the ubnt file i guess.. 

Now i have a situation that has me screwed yet again.