ePMP Elevate / Ubiquiti AC

Is it possible to elevate a PowerBeam 5AC Gen2?


UBNT AC products are not supported by Elevate FW today.

Thank you.

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Cool thank you for the quick reply. Do you know if this would be a thing in the future?

Today we don’t have plans to Elevate AC products.

Thank you.

What is the reason for not having plans to Elevate AC products?


The 11ac products are a different chipset and also locked down unlike the 11n products. Although not impossible, its not as straight forward as the 11n products. Cambium's own 11ac chipsets are Wave2 compared to Wave1 on the Ubiquiti. That's just one challenge to begin with. We don't have any current plans to Elevate 11ac products but we will revisit at a later time for feasibilty. 



Another few reasons why the UBNT AC line will never be ported...

- Unlike the M series equipment being based on various off the shelf Atheros chipsets, the UBNT AC gear is a proprietary implementation of AC using their own AC chipset.

- UBNT's AC line is not capable of, nor is it designed to 'talk' native AC, e.g. unlike M series, there's no way to connect it to another manufacturer's AC radio

- There's a proprietary processing chip and proprietary PRISM filtering that would not be compatible with ePMP

- UBNT has now locked down all their radios with signed firmware making it very difficult to load 3rd party firmware onto their radios

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Time for an update, any changes?

I have a PowerBeam 5AC Gen2 that needs to find better software!

I’d consider a trade for an F300-25, straight up.

Ha, are you kidding? Did you not read the news? Ubiquiti forced Cambium to discontinue the elevate program as part of the terms of the out of court settlement recently. No more elevate!

Sorry Eric but no I hadn’t!

So I guess WRT-DD on a Linksys is a no go too? (Yes, Im being a bit asinine)

Anybody want to trade for this thing?