ePMP emulate typical wired network ??

Can I emulate a typical wired network with ePMP point to multipoint architecture?

The attatchmen images show what I want, any suggestions??

have someone implemented similar topology?

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Using multiple VLAN's over a wireless network? Yeah, you can certainly do this. You can break out the VLAN at the SM or using a managed switch behind the SM while it's in bridge mode.


I'm doing exactly what you are diagraming. We break out the VLAN at the SM so the network behind the SM does not need to be VLAN aware but you could do it a couple of different ways.

Nice use of diagrams, by the way!


thank, so I will make some test, and I will publish the results

thanks AU Wireless.

I have a question.

the switch ports when APs are connected, must be in trunk mode (cisco terminlogy) or tagged (other vendor terminology) allowing/tagging SM VLANs, correct? 

On the other hand, I like use diagrams, because for my it´s difficult to understand only with words.

PD:sorry by mi english, is not my native language

Correct.  On my switch, the ports connected to my APs are "tagged" with every VLAN I want SMs to be able to see (which in my case is all of them since I decide at the SM which one they get).

On the SM, I use the "Data VLAN ID" option to tag that VLAN to the client on the other side of the SM:

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 2.47.37 PM.png

There are other ways to do this but this works great for me since I only need a single VLAN on the back side of the SM and I don't want them to need to be VLAN aware.

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to me this would serve, as you have to configure the SM?

May I ask what program you used for diagram drawing?

I use Microsof Visio, you can dowload free stencils from VisioCafe web page.


I´ve been working in other projects and I have no chance to start whit this. Now I return and I want to know if is possible this configuration. (mage).