ePMP firmware TFTP recovery available starting release 2.6.2

ePMP Firmware TFTP recovery available starting release 2.6.2.


2.6.2-Beta Firmaware:


how to make 


step 2 

please beacuse can't ping force 180


Could you please specify which exact steps are not clear for you?

Thank you.

Boa noite tbm nao conseguir recupera o radio por esse procedimento o programa pede ip e porta 

bom dia nao conseguir recuperar um force 180

What can I do if the version is below 2.6.2?
I have an ePMP1000, version 2.6, when I try to update to 2.6.1 during the writing flash itself rebooted. Now it does not boot, it recyclic rebooted after 40-50 seconds, does not try to get the address by DHCP, it also does not respond at addresses and, and does not show MAC-address on port switch. I tried to do a reset by turning off and turning on power for 3-5 seconds 4 times - it has no changes.

What can I do about it?

Unfortunately, if the device wasnt running at least release 2.6.2, TFTP recovery is not possible. If the device does not bootup and is in a rolling reboot, the flash is most likely corrupted and the device is not operable. You will have to use another device in its place. 

Hi Fedor
Unfortunately it is not well explained. The proposed steps do not work. 


Can you take the right steps? 

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