ePMP Force 110 dish antenna operational with no grid piece?


Is it possible that the Force 110 parabolic dish antenna can work without the following pieces:- 1) the grid antenna, i.e. the wire piece that is in the front and snapped on. 2) the center ring to the very front (not the feedhorn).

Due to Category 3/4 wind speeds, the Force 110 doesn't hold up.  Either the feed horn blows off or the grid piece blows away like a discus, or the plastic holders that snap the grid to the main solid dish separate.

Also, the Force 110 dish tends rust very quickly.  Resulting in rust stains dripping on the clients rooftops.

In the attached photo, it is missing the feed horn. I'm referring to the other piece.

Also, are those pieces if damaged, lost during severe wind etc. replaceable by ordering individually?  If so, what would those reorder part numbers be and most likely source or place for ordering?

Most likely one may just have to reorder the Force 110 dish kit again in order to use the ePMP connectorized model.  Or, just upgrade to the ePMP Force 200.

The round cone-shaped bit in the front is important - the dish reflects signal onto that, which in turn reflects it onto the stubby feedhorn.  The radio will work without it, but you'll see a significant drop in signal level.  The plastic disc on the front is unimportant to operation, but the metal part it snaps onto is needed.  (I think there's a few very good reasons that style ePMP SM dish was phased out)  You might be better off picking up some 5ghz dual-pol panel antennas like http://www.winncom.com/en/products/C050ANTKIT and running with them on any Force110 that suffer dish damage.