ePMP Force 110 in Effingham, Illinois

Nathan D shows off his ePMP Force 110 with a selfie in Effingham, Illinois.



Pictured here is Bill Peck of GTSI who helps with our more difficult climbs.  We actually went up for another reason so in preparation I bought one of these Force 110 PTP links and tested it out on an 11.5 mile link.  All I can say is that it did not disappoint.  I am in awe of the throughput and latency at this price point.  Hasn’t dropped a beat in 16 days of operation and it’s already been through some rough weather.  Linkplanner software was nearly dead on for this link.  Many high fives and joyful laughter when we saw the file transfer speeds.

Nathan Dothager

KNR Wireless, LLC.



can you post ung link planner file for reference…