ePMP Force 110 sub-reflector rust. Bummer

The dish in the picture has been on the coast less than one year.  The C cap for the sub-reflector was forgotten at the time of install but having it installed would only harbor more salt water, I would think.  The rest of the dish looked fine upon inspection, but I expect the rusty parts to last less than a year more.

This dish is about 2.5 miles from the actual coastal water line and about 600' higher.  The 2' UBNT rocket dish that was installed above it at the same time hasn't started rusting, yet. It will soon, but I was hoping for more from the Cambium dish.

Hi Jacob,

We've noted the rust issue internally, and have made modifications to the Force 200 to prevent this.

 The rusting your showing is cosemetic, and does not deteroriate the performance.  

We're seeing the issue because we have some difficulty with the paint (Powder Coat) covering the weld an under the rolled edges.