ePmP; Force 110

I'm looking at the specs for the Force 110 and I see it says the radio can achieve 150 Mbs of real data throughput. Then I see the ethernet connection is spec'd as a 100 BaseT. Why not 1000 BaseT?

The Force 110 uses the Connectorize Subsriber Module (CSM) which has two 10/100 ports. Therefore you are limited by the ethernet speeds. The 150Mbps is combined DL/UL tput you can achieve whether you use the flexible scheduler mode or TDD mode.

Good news is that we just recently announced the force 110 PTP which has a single GiG-E port and uses the synchronized GPS unit without the GPS. If you are looking for GiG-E, then this is the product I would recommend.

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Hello Sakid,

Can you elaborate on that a little more?

I'm looking at the 2 product lines:

 - ePMP Force 110 PTP - High Perf. PTP, FCC

 - ePMP Force110: 25 dBi SM [SM+Dish] FCC

What are the differences?

Everything looks the same except the following specs:

 -  < 2 ms (PTP Mode) for the ePMP Force 110 PTP - High Perf.,

 - 1 Gig Port

Does the Force 110: 25 not have a PTP mode?

Do the radios have the same hardware / firmware, except for the gig port?

How do you acheive better latency?

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The fundamental hardware difference between the two is that the Force 110 PTP has the gigabit port and more memory along wth an onboard GPS chip that is decactivated.

The 25dBi dish is the same across both products. 

We achieve the latency purely from SW and it wil be applicable in both products.


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Great, just wanted to make sure...

Thanks for the feedback.