ePMP Force 180 Wifi Access point mode issue

I have 2 ePMP Force 180 devices, and when configuring one as the master and one as the slave, using TDD Access point and Subscriber module, I cannot get a link between the 2.
The PoE power supply got wet and we have replaced it, but now I cannot get the connection
Everything seems to be working, however after configuraiton the Operating Frequency is showing Hold Off and the Transmitter Output Power is OFF
How do I tell if the unit is functioning as it should after the Power replacement?
Thanks in advance

Check your AP side. You may have the tx channel misconfigured. One must be set and an AP and the other as subscriber. The security code must be set and match.
If you are using a dfs frequency then there is a very long hold off and any minor event that is seen on that frequency will reset the timer, thus continuous hold off. Select a frequency that is not dfs.

Thanks Douglas, but DFS is not available.
TX Channel is using all 20MHz channels
Still getting no connection

On your slave side, go in and un check all frequencies in the 20mhz tab, uncheck the 10 (you may not have 10mhz channels) and 40mhz tabs so that your not scanning for them.

On the AP side in the radio tab, select a channel and then set tx to 27. Then scroll to the bottom of that tab and set the hold off to 3600 or more. Under the security tab, make sure only the wpa encryption type is checked then change the security key to something simple but 8 characters long. This is case sensitive. Save and reboot.

Go back to the slave and check the security type and make sure wpa is checked and that the passphrase is the same as the AP. Save and reboot.

Now the most basic settings to link are set and you should link.


I have made some of the changes you mention, but cannot find the Hold Off setting to make that 3600

Douglas, your help has been excellent, and I have now managed to get the 2 devices in Link.
Thanks again for your assistance.


Dont worry about the hold off, I dont use the 180’s for APs so it may not be there.

Good to hear that your linked. No go to the slave side radio tab, select the 20mhz list and check the green frequency only. This will speed up all future link ups . Warning you may drop the radio link when you save the config, this is normal and it will join back up.