ePMP Force 180

   I have a question about EPMP Force 180
I want to take two WAN that are at different points Point: B - A and C - A with EPMP Force 180 at point A would be a Sectoral 120 degrees for internet customers
and I need to know if you can do this


I didn't try, but in the settings you can set it as TDD Access Point and set a max number of subscribers, so I think you can use it as a non-GPS-synchronized radio for two ePMP Force 180.

I don't know about performances of this setup, maybe someone from Cambium can help you more!

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Yes, the Force 180 can be configured as an AP. However, two things:

  1. In the picture, those are images of the Integrated radios, not the Force 180. 
  2. The Force 180 has a 15 degree azimuth. So you won't be able to provide 120 degrees coverage from the Force 180 Access Point (point A). 

The performance of the Force 180 should be similar to the GPS radio, except of course there is no GPS sync capability. 

For more information on the Force 180 (including spec sheets), please see here: http://www.cambiumnetworks.com/products/access/epmp-1000/



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There is something I would like to discuss with you, I was a customer end to do an install with Force-180 to connect to my tower, which is 4.5Km from a customer end, but what I notice is that at first, I get the signal that I got from LinkPlanner after a while it changes from 72dBm to 80dBm, but I have a customer that are in the same location and what I get from the other customer are 68dBm and the other 70dBm, What might be the cause

Attached below are some pictures