ePMP Force 190 factory resets, when Reset Via Power Sequence is disabled (4.5.6 firmware)

I have installed an ePMP Force 190, it factory resets when Reset Via Power Sequence is disabled (at Tools-BackUpRestore-FactoryDefaultConfiguration configuration menu), using 4.5.6 firmware version.

It is configured as AP, I realize it because it is in a remote site using solar cells energy, and when batteries (energy) troubles occurs at night it goes off, and at the morning, the system gets on and off many times before it get on for the rest of the day and the batteries begin to save energy.

This system is in a remote location and in winter (now), this is a common issue in that zone. Batteries can not charge at full to handle 2 or more working days. I have other 2 Force equipments (a 200 and a 300 models) there, upgraded with same firmware version, with no problems with this issue. Force190_upgradeScreen


I would suggest opening the ticket with Cambium Support. Please attach Tech Support file to the ticket.
We have to check logs prior to making any conclusion and proposing the solution.

Thank you.