ePMP Force 200-25 Rear Mounting Bracket

I can’t complete the 30 or so pieces of used ePMP Force 200-25 because I’m missing (Rear Mounting Braket) marked in the picture.
If someone owns a pendant from defective, broken, rusted or devastated plates and similar (used). It doesn’t matter if it’s a few pieces or 30 and he’s willing to sell it, send me a message by email



All the extra F200 parts I’ve accumulated over the years. Well not all, 've been throwing out the part you have circled for years as they take up a lot of space and I can’t think of any possible use for them.

I can’t “sell” this stuff because it belongs to the company, not me, and that means even charging to reimburse the shipping is not something I can do (unless I want to pay for it personally but even then that’s kind of a gray area). I can throw it out and something like this I feel comfortable throwing it out by shipping it somewhere.

If you are willing to provide a prepaid shipping label I will gladly box up a bunch of those or whatever other F200 parts you need and ship them out for free.

If you are willing to do something like that I’ll box them up, weigh it, and give you the dimensions/weight and my contact information. I’m in the USA though so not sure what the logistics of that might be.


Give me your email address or phone number.
Or something else to contact you.
Can be sent to my email


What can I tell you except that you are a “positively brutal character”.
Thank you from the heart.
The shipment with the necessary parts for me arrived at my friend in NC. It will then be forwarded to Bosnia and Herzegovina by collective container delivery.

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