EPMP Force 200 and EPMP Force 300 Compatibility

Hi all, i wanted to know if i can use a Force 200 radio to connect to a Force 300 and in which wireless modes(ePTP,TDD,802.11). I can't find that information.


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Not yet, firmware support is still being developed.

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Any updates as per this request.

Is it possible to use a Force200 to setup a link with Force300 on a Point to Point platform?

With the latest V4.6.1 firmware, you can mix and match any combination of ePMP1000, 2000, or 3000 AP’s or any ePMP1000 series Unsynced radios in AP mode, and use them with Force300 SM’s in TDD mode (PMP or PTP)

BUT, with the ePTP mode specifically, there isn’t a cross-generation compatibility mode. When I’ve asked about that, Cambium has seemed pretty indifferent to the idea. Likewise, there’s no technical reason I can think of why a PTP550 couldn’t communicate with a Force300… except that Cambium had decided NOT to make it so.

Anyway - to answer your question:
YES - you can use a Force200 in TDD Master Mode, and a Force300 in TDD Slave Mode for a PTP link. BUT, unfortunately you can NOT use a Force200 & Force300 in ePTP mode. For us, we’ve actually preferred 75%/25% TDD mode on F300 PTP links instead of ePTP mode anyway, so if you need to mix F200 & F300 for some reason, then TDD PTP is probably a fine thing anyway.


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I will do as you have said.

Thanks a million

the only down side is that you will be limited to the f200’s max air speeds so you will not have the same MSC number on both sides of the link. If that is not acceptable then I suggest a f300CSM with a dish antenna, this gives you full link bandwidth and sync if needed else as Ninedd has stated.

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After reading this thread, we had an opportunity to do this today. We had an F300-25 with a flakey ethernet port feeding a small tower serving about 12 customers. Put up an ePMP 1000 with a 28 db dish and it linked right up with the slave F300 at 6.24 miles with 98 meg download (75/25) which is the limit of the 100 meg connection on the ePMP 1000. Guess we could always throw an ePMP 1000 lite in there if we needed more.

The 100 meg is really all we realy need at this location so I’m of a mind to leave it in place until circumstances dictate otherwise.

So just confirming it works fine in the real world and has been running now for about 14 hours with zero issues.


epmp1000 is capable of 240Mbps aggregate if you have one with a gigabit port. We have a few e1k-lites as ptp-APs and they work very well and are easily getting the limit of what the radio is capable of. In our use scenarios it is a worth while upgrade if you already have a connectorized dish antenna in place, you can never have enough bandwidth to a tower!

We just turned up a backhaul using a lite as the master for sync purposes so I will follow your suggestion and put another lite on the slave side for the gigabit connection. As you say, the dish is in place and aligned so just a radio swap.

You can also use a f300csm on the slave side, this works very well and is our “go to” for the slave radio for any thing that requires a dish bigger than 25db.

We had put up a F300 CSM on the slave end in prepration for changing over to that so I put it online instead of the F300-25 and you are correct. Working very well and better gain with the 30 db dish.

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