ePMP Force 200 RF Quality reporting issue

The RF Quality of a simple PTP link between two Force 200 units shows the DLMCS going from Excellent of 15 all the way down to Poor 1. The ULMCS usually stays up at 15 or 14.  This is a very short 600 ft. path with clear line of sight. It often then goes back up to a DLMCS of 15. Any idea why the DLMCS would drop like that? The link stays up but this is making me worry.


Hi Steve,

Could you please attach Monitor Performance page screenshot?

Thank you.

This is today.


Rather often interference has bursty behavior.
And I can assume in your case this reason is also relevant.
Screen shot of Monitor Performance page from ePMP UI can help us to confirm this.
But another issue looks abnormal and this issue is RSSI level.
It changes significantly during the day.
And reason for this can be some barrier in Fresnel zone which appears there from time to time.
It could be swinging tree or something else.
Could you please attach same graph for Downlink?

Thank you.

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I have a pretty wide open path with nothing encroaching into the path. Path is very short, maybe 600 ft. I first noticed this by the poor number on the dashboard.  The dashboard screen is also included with the Downlink Graph.

Ten minutes later the signal is back to excellent.

It would be nice to check directly on ePMP device to exclude reporting issue.

Thank you.

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I sent you a PM about how to get into my remote site.

It appears I was getting enterference from an E500 AP that I placed near the Force 200 and was using to power the Force 200.  I moved the Force 200 frequency away from the WIFI channel the E500 was on and I have a nice steady DLMCS now.  Thanks Fedor