ePMP Force 200 Water proofing

Hi Team,

We have had an ePMP Force 200 get water damage due to water pooling in the ethernet access door. This is because we do seal the back of them to stop water and dust getting in there.

However, we noticed that between the bell and the housing there is a gap that rain can get in.

Is there a kit to seal this or has anyone else had this issue and resolved this problem?

Open to suggestions and will get photos as soon as we can of the water damage found.

do not seal them and you wont have any problems, that is what i am thinking, water wont go up the cable, if you install it upright and put the rear cap you wont have any problems, you could probably run them without the caps and have no issues... maybe you could put a tiny bit of die-electric grease on the pins if you want.

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