ePMP Force 200

Good day

I want to know if someone can issist me, I have a Force 200 that connected perfectly the one day and the next day there was no upload or download, we switched it with another Dish but it is doing the same, almost no download or upload, we have put it higher,, we have changed the cables, plugs, surge protector and router. but it is still doing the same.

look for interferances ... sometime its the client's router ...

if its not then post all dashboard to help me assist you

Good day

ok since Friday until now, we have 3 Force 200 dishes doing excatly the same.  It will be connected the one moment and then it will not connect again out of the blue.  We have check for interference and the premises are not in the same areas, we have changed the dishes and changed the settings on the sector aswell, and it still does not work.  I have no idea on what may be the sudden problem or how to fix it, we have also changed the routers and the surge protectors because it was a problem previously, but the dishes still do not connect.

Sorry I thaught everybody can this and reply.

We need way way more information to be able to help you.

- Are these point to point links or is this a PtMP situation? If PtMP, what are you using for your AP?

- Is this happening on just one AP or multiple clients connected to different AP's?

- Are the clients losing their connection at the same time?

- Are you using GPS sync, and if yes, have you checked to make sure the AP isn't losing sync?

- Do you have ANY clients that are working properly on this AP?

- What firmware are you running on the AP and clients?

- Are the clients being power cycled or rebooting for some reason (check system uptime vs. connection uptime)

- What are the RSSI and SnR values of the clients that are disconnecting?

- Have you tried using a different channel or smaller channel width?

- What does an SA, eDetect, or ACS scan show you from both the AP and client locations?