ePMP Force 300-13L with factory firmware 4.5.1 (actual is 4.5 on support files)

Good morning

Our company bought 250 ePMP 300-13L and all of them comes with firmware 4.5.1

And in that version, that is unavailable on support.cambiumnetworks.com, there is no "TDD Mode" to operate as CPE against ePMP 3000 full. Only "Standard WiFi", "ePTP Slave" or "TDD PTP" modes are available.

I tried to load "ePMP-AC-v4.5.0.img" file from "Force 300 SM" section, but it fails, saying that is not a package or a corrupted file.

We are planning to deplay those new devices next week but I couldn't load a default config for them due radio mode.

Do you know if there is a problem overhere?

Thanks in davance

Gastón Palacio

Hi Gaston,

Sorry for the confusion. Please open up a ticket with our support and we will share the firmware for those devices with you.



Hola Gaston, tengo el mismo problema. En mi caso necesito conectarlo contra un epmp 2000 pero no figura la opcion TDD para poder conectarlos.

Tuviste una repuesta oficial al tema


hola, estoy con el mismo problema, alguien tiene para compartir la solucion?