ePMP Force 300-16 5GHz as a PTP

Can 2 ePMP Force 300-16 5GHz be configured as a PTP or do you need an ePMP 3000 AP as the master?


Yes, you can a pair of Force 300-16 to make a point to point wireless link.



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Is it possible to use a Force 300-16 to accept until how many SM’s ?

We used a F300-16 paired with a F300-25 on a PTP link when the master F300-25 failed. Other than the expected RSSI drop, it worked fine until the F300 was replaced. We were only using TDD mode. Distance was 4.5 miles with clear LOS.

Only one sm can be used in this setup. Rumour has it they may open this up to a handful of sm, which would be useful for cctv people i guess.

estou fazendo um ptp com force 300 16dbi mais encontrei um problema fica desconectando o cliente toda hora

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In beta FW 4.7 Force 300 Subscriber Modules allowed operations in AP TDD PMP Mode, 12 SU is limit.