Epmp force 300-16

Buenas tardes,
Tras hacer reset de mi epmp a traves de linea de comandos, accedi al dispositivo con admin/admin, le puse el dhcp y tras reiniciarse no puedo acceder con esta clave, ni con la que tenia anteriormente.
Alguien sabe que clave y que usuario debo de usar.


you should be able to access it with admin-admin
Are you sure you are using the correct password?

Si, He probado varias veces con la que trae por defecto y con la que tenia antes de hacer el reset.
Habria alguna manera de hacer el cambio de contraseƱa o un reset a fabrica desde el CNMaestro??


You can push a template config to the radio that contains a new password if the radio is connected to cnMaestro however you may not get that to work as it is very specific of how the template needs to be to do that.

Have you cleared your browser cache? This is important as your browser could be auto filling your password with something similar and this causes problems. Also try a different browser, sometimes things stop working and you need to change browsers