Epmp Force 300-19r in SM STANDARD WIFI MODE

Am i able to connect my mobile hostspt to my epmp force 300-19r in SM standard wifi mode

It is not possible it working only ePMP to ePMP

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ePMP1000 and ePMP2000 have standard Wi-Fi mode.

Sir can’t it be used in force 300 19r

No. There is no such functionality in F300 series and it is not planned.

Can we connect mobile hotspot to cambium epmp 1000 and then can we broadcast or establish AP and then can we connect through epmp force 300 19r

I don’t think I understand your question.
Please draw your schema or tell what solution do you need to build.

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First of all my friend has unlimited data in his mobile phone who is located 6 km from my home
Now my plan is that if i place epmp 1000 at his home now my first question is that
Can my friend able to connect his mobile hotspot to epmp 1000 as AP then is it possible to broadcast his mobile data through this epmp 1000
After that in my home i will place epmp force 300 so now my second question is am i able to connect that network which will be broadcasted by my friend

Here i am talking my friend as AP and me as SM

Or else tell me other ways to handle this using my epmp force 300-19r

Sir please reply me i want solution to this problem

You can get one more F319 to form a wireless bridge over your distance. But you need somehow to inject the connection from the mobile into this link.
You can take any wi-fi router to get wi-fi network from the smartphone and then connect lan port to Cambium bridge. Or find some router that can connect mobile network with a sim-card.

But it sounds costly and takes a lot of effort. Is not it better just to buy one more mobile contract for this budget?

I thought the same thank you sir