ePMP Force 300-25 antenna Release Beta

The Force 200,300 as well as the 425 have very catastrophic antennas with very pronounced side radiation petals.
I played around a bit and did the armor on one side of the PTP link.
For now, an improvement of ten Mbps in bandwidth, and on the spectrum analyzer the local radios on the left and right are suppressed from 6 to 10 dB. Also f/b is much better.
I will do the other side so I will know more whether to go in this direction at all.


Who makes the shielding? RF Armor?

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Nice. Who makes that?

One used a number of Force 300csm connected to Rocket Dishes with the ISO-Beam with pretty good results. But being able to isolate a 300-25 or 425 would be good news.

This prototype was made by my friend who eats aluminum for breakfast :slight_smile:
A few minutes work and a low cost solution worth one beer :slight_smile:
If the results are good, the version that is mounted on the device in a minute will be made, it will have radome due to snow.


Sounds good. I’d be interested. I’ve talked to RF Armor a BUNCH of times, and they are always “a couple months” away from making Cambium shields, but then don’t feel there is enough market. I’ve made my own shields for the Cambium 2x2 sectors with a metal fab place which worked out great, but my day is already full enough… I’d rather buy ready-made shields. So, let me know in the private messages when if/when you have some available for sale. :slight_smile:

Make sure the radome is made out of heavy duty UV stabilized plastic.

I have something similar we had made for the force 110 dish. Yours looks better though!

How deep did you go? We chose 8 inches based on the sub reflector, didnt see much for the links improvement but the amount of noise from below was dramatically reduced.

We have some 1/8" acrylic sheeting for the radome, it works but would probably go thicker next time due to the amount of cracking that has shown up in the last few storms.

Looks awesome! @zica49 thank you for sharing!
How do you connect it to the dish? Did not notice it on the video.

@ Andrii
The aluminum is first profiled with a “zik” machine. It is profiled so that the dish falls into that groove. Then I bend it into a ring and connect it with screws below. For the prototype ok but in the final solution the idea is to adjust the ring to match the radome of the Force 200.


We just used a bead roller, “zik” machines are a hard find around here.

Are you thinking of using the Cambium radome for the face?

Yes Cambium radome for the face.

cool, never even considered to use the dome, just went with a flat piece of plastic.

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