ePMP Force 300-25 network stall

I have installed a ePMP Force 300-25 installed as an Access Point (AP) with two subscriber modules (SM) connected to it using radiofrequency. Connectivity to the AP was lost and all SMs were down. After power cycling the AP, all connections to the SMs were restored. Network cables, switches and routers were checked and they were OK. What could have been the cause of this network stall and does anyone know how to prevent it from reoccurring?

Amin Salazar

When you say connectivity to the AP was lost, I’m assuming you are saying you actually couldn’t talk to the AP via the ethernet connection until you physically rebooted the unit…

If you lost communication with the “AP” then cabling is the first suspect but you’ve already verified that.

I’d also verify the “AP” and SM’s are all running the same software release as there can be issues with mismatches. Some of the earlier versions were also somewhat unstable with the F300 series so you would probably want to be on at least 4.5.6. The latest 4.6 release appears to be pretty stable as well.

Assuming none of those are issues, we did have some issues with F300-25’s and ethernet ports that would basically lock up and stop passing traffic until a hard reboot. Occurrences were random ranging from hours to days. If this is the culprit I would suggest opening a ticket with Cambium support to confirm and possible get an RMA.

How did you connect TWO SMs to a 300-25? I thought only the first subscriber could connect (or mac filtering).

I do apologize and did not mean to mislead. Indeed, there is only one SM connected to the AP. Thanks for pointing that out to me.

Just to update this info – with Firmware 4.7 and newer, Force 300 series AC chipset SM’s can be configured as Non-GPS Sync AP mode for use as small AP’s with up to 12 clients. <3


This is excellent news! Thanks for sharing.

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