ePMP Force 300-25 SYSLOG Time and Date incorrect

I am trying to pinpoint why our system has started disconnecting at random times. However, the SYSLOG is not on the correct time or date. I was on DHCP and changed over to the NTP IP address and so far, the SYSLOG has not changed its time and date. Any assistance would be appreciated.

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Hello, @CSMG!

Do you mean external Syslog server or internal System Log from GUI of your device?
Which software version do you use? Is there correct time zone setting on the device?

depends on what firmware, a couple of the firmwares NTP didnt work in
time.google.com is what we have as a secondary now because our in house NTP creeped up.
you can turn on more verbose logging in the system config page and see in the log if ntp is failing or not

Thank you for the reply. The Internal System from the GUI. We are running 4.4.3 because every time we update, we seem to have issues. This version has been the most stable that I have used. The time zone is correct. I put in the IP for NPT servers and saved. On the subscriber side, it has updated, but on the Access Point end, it is still not correct.

I think I am good at this point. It just took awhile to update.

Thank you for update!

As for now we have stable version
There can be multiple reasons for your two issues (disconnects and wrong time).
First we have to exclude outdated software. Could you try it and check if the issues still exist?

Some NTP changes must drop the link and do a soft reboot. This is a service restart for NTP. Sometimes it gets stuck and you have to fully power cycle the radio. This has been greatly improved since and the 4.6.1RC versions do not exhibit this issue so far.