EPMP force 300-25 wont connect to epmp 3000 AP using 4.5 firmware

CPE reports invalid security key and wont connect to the EPMP 3000 AP while aprox 29 other CPE are connecting just fine with exact same credentials? 

Finally resorted to rebooting the AP during business hours taiking down all other clients now same CPE with issue of invalid security key connects just fine. 

This is getting old with all these problems with force 300 and epmp 3000

Hi Martin,

As you know we are working directly with you to understand the issue.

Seems nobody else reported the issue.

Thank you.

Sorry, but I got this problem today. I have 20 SM (Force 300-13 ePMP 5GHz) connected to my Cambium 3000 and I have two SM (Force 300-13 ePMP 5GHz) traying to connect as well.

When I see the logs from the Cambium 3000 I have this error:


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Your wep key is incorrect on the units that won’t connect… make sure both ap and sm have same firmware.

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