ePMP force 300 vlan management

I have entered vlan management on both AP and SM for NOC monitoring. However, NOC cannot see the AP. Why? As a tech on site, will I be able to access AP/SM with directly connected to them? Need assistance on how to have access to AP/SM again.

NOC can’t see AP, but can see SM?
Are both on the same vlan?
If you answered both “yes” then it’s a network configuration problem on your AP.
If NOC can’t see neither AP or SM then I think it’s a vlan’s problem on your switch, where Ap is connected.

We use them as PtP with mgmt’s vlan and we haven’t any problem.

Thanks MW_WISP
Both configured same vlan management. Is there a way I can access the AP again?

Please, can you answer to the questions? Can you reach the SM from the NOC?
Thank you

Hello Alphonse,

  1. can you share a screen shot on how the configurations are set for management VLAN, if you had taken them?

  2. Can you please try accessing the ePMP radios using Configure you PC IP address to as an example.

  3. The other option to access easily the radio, is by having a managed switch where you can tag the vlan on the port where you connect the radio and configure a second port as access port (Where to connect the PC) to that specific vlan used in the management of the radios. This way, you can log into the radios easily.
    This is in case, the vlan was well added on the radios.

  4. Also, would let me know if the AP is connected on a router/switch and confirm if the subnet with the VLAN is routed upto your NOC?

Did you configure management this way? VLAN 22 as an example.

Sincerely yours,

Niragira Olympe

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